Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Howell, Michigan - Where Halloween Comes Early.

This year, on September 19th, 2013 to be precise.

Or at least, that’s what it seemed when we went to downtown Howell that evening for a girls’ night out to celebrate my nephew’s forthcoming wedding (of course, the way these things work, he wasn’t included in our party, but we did have the bride-to-be).  Imagine our surprise when we discovered the streets and bars were full of witches! No ghouls or skeletons or the usual monsters, just witches. Witches dressed in black or pink or purple. I’m sure I even saw one in green.

The occasion, it turned out, was ‘Witches Night’, an annual event started several years ago, during which local stores stay open later than usual, offering discounts and samples to customers turning up in witch costumes. Some of the stores provided free beverages and snacks—the most impressive of which was at Carriage House Designs, where Renee Chodkowski, otherwise known as The GreatFoodini, had laid on a fabulous spread of ghoulish treats.

There was a real party atmosphere in the stores that we visited. The owners had gone all out with the decorations and everyone was so friendly.

 In some cases the celebrations extended out onto the street, where whirling witches encouraged the younger set to strut their stuff.

Despite our lack of costumes—or maybe because we had a bride-to-be in tow—we were welcomed everywhere we went, ensuring that an already special evening would certainly be one to be remembered.  

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