Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ulterior Motives - Now Available From Amazon

Big day today! 
I'm pleased to announce that Ulterior Motives is now available in print and e-book.

Here's what an advance reviewer had to say about it:
"A methodical thriller bristling with interpersonal intrigue and compelling characters......
with an emotional center that will keep readers engaged."  - Kirkus Review
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Kidnapped while on vacation in the Philippines, expatriate Jake Cornish struggles to retain his dignity in the face of the humiliating circumstances imposed by his captors. As his wife’s chilling silence to the ransom demand continues, Jake’s futile attempts at escape and defiance are met with a degree of hostility and brutality that suggest his chance of survival is grim—until his captors suggest another use for him. Their outrageous new demand not only pushes him to unparalleled levels of despondency but also causes cracks in their unity, laying bare ulterior motives and revealing the true nature of the kidnappers themselves.

A story of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, Ulterior Motives tells of life stripped bare of daily comforts, where desperation drives motivation, and loyalty and love may lead not to happiness but unimaginable consequences. 

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