Monday, May 20, 2013

Savoring the Moment

Having just published my second novel Ulterior Motives last week, I’m left with a feeling akin to that ‘school is out’ sensation (or at least, how I remember it!). Maybe it’s the time of year, but thoughts of lounging in the sun, reading for pure pleasure and idly wondering what to do next have wiped out the stress of the editing, proof-reading and formatting that filled so many days before the release.

Life now seems light-hearted and care-free, although I’m not sure why. For on emerging from the tunnel-vision reality that self-publishing draws me into, I am confronted with the alternative reality of dust, flab and unfinished decorating projects, not to mention the ongoing promotional efforts required to ensure that readers do find the book, all which pose a threat to lazy days. And then there’s the little matter of the day job too.

No doubt, this sense of being on vacation will be fleeting, but I am determined to bask in it for as long as it lasts. Slot in some idle moments in the sun, however short. Let it color my days as I go about the remaining tasks. After all, if we don’t allow ourselves to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving our goals, who will?

Besides, before long, characters will call and it will be time to sharpen the pencils and start writing again.

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