Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Sunday in NYC City 2017

Easter Sunday in New York City means it's time for the annual parade of Easter bonnets. Fifth Avenue between 49th and 55th Street is closed to traffic for several hours for the event which is not really a parade, but more of a chance for those so inclined to show off their creations, mingle with the onlookers and pose for photos.

This year, pink proved to be a popular choice:

But it wasn't just ladies who got in on the fun:

There were big hats:

And little hats:

The Milliners Guild

Those who looked elegant:

And those who matched their hats to their costumes:

There were hats made from Peeps:

And some with a fruity theme:

Even some dogs joined in:

And when you needed a break, you could always stop for ice-cream:

This year the crowd of onlookers seemed bigger than previous years, probably due to the unseasonably warm weather - the temperature was in the 80's - but as usual it was a fun and friendly atmosphere. The participants obviously put a lot of time and effort into their costumes, making this an event well worth seeing if you find yourself in New York City on Easter Sunday. 


  1. I enjoy your posts on the Easter parades. Thanks for the smile. The fruit hat seems practical 😉 The little girl on the steps with her rabbit is adorable. Thanks for sharing, Mel. No place does Easter Parade like New York.

  2. Thanks Elisabeth. Glad you enjoyed the post. It is a fun event - I've certainly never seen anything like it elsewhere.

  3. That looks like great fun, Mel. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks Karen. It is a fun way to spend a sunny morning. Not sure what they do if it rains!