Monday, December 21, 2015

Walking in the City - The Christmas Lights of Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Christmas - a time when some decorate a tree, perhaps a room or two, or add a few decorations to their yard while others... well, others go all out with quite spectacular results, especially when it's not just one or two homes, but a whole neighborhood. 

Dyker Heights in Brooklyn, NY is one such neighborhood and is so famous for its Christmas lights it draws crowds of sightseers. I'd never heard of it until this year, but had an opportunity to check it out this weekend on a walk organized by the Appalachian Mountain Club and have to say I was impressed. Almost every house in an area between 11th and 13th Avenue and 82nd and 86th Street was decorated creating a panoply of lights on every street. 

The decorations ranged from the tasteful to the over-the-top, but here's a selection of some of the displays that stood out:

One property had a large glass case outside with a intricately detailed nativity scene inside - the picture below is only of a fraction of the whole display. 

The displays are so extravagant that I can only imagine what some of them cost (not to mention the electric bill). Many are installed by professional decorators rather than the home-owners themselves and apparently there is an element of competition between the home-owners which leads to bigger and more lavish displays each year. (Though with some it is hard to see how that would be possible in future years!)

Well worth a visit.