Thursday, October 1, 2015

PJ Boox - The Indie Author Bookstore

Photo: Patti Brassard Jefferson
It's not easy for indie authors to get their books into bookstores and often if you do the book will be placed spine out on the shelf in the appropriate alphabetical section for your genre making it almost impossible for it to be discovered amongst the mass of others. As of today, 1st October 2015, there is now an alternative.

PJ Boox is a bookstore for indie authors, whether self-published or small press. The store, in Fort Myers, Florida, offers authors the opportunity to rent a shelf for four months to display up to 3 different titles for browsing. The store will hold a stock of up to 10 of the books for sale at any one time. There will also be an option for readers outside the area to purchase online from the bookstore website with PJ Boox handling both orders and shipping. 

The store owner, Patti Brassard Jefferson,  has already had success with another smaller bookstore that she opened for local authors. She had so many requests from authors outside the catchment area that she decided to open this second store but with no limits on where the author resides. 

I, for one, couldn't resist this opportunity - as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained - and it's quite a thrill to see my books on the shelves in the above picture (third shelf down on the right nearest the corner). I may have to visit Florida again soon!

For more info on the store:

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