Friday, December 13, 2013

The Anniversary - available now!

I am thrilled to announce that today is the official launch of my latest book, The Anniversary.

With Christmas in a few days time it would make a great gift for your reader friends or you could even put it on your own Christmas wish list!

If you do read it and enjoy it, please consider writing a review on Amazon. I'd really appreciate it. And if you know anyone who you think might enjoy the book, please share this post with them. Word of mouth is so important nowadays.

Many Thanks,

The Anniversary
now available in print and e-book from Amazon.

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cover design: Jonny Gillard

Detective Paul Rigby’s role in his girlfriend’s death has haunted him since that tragic event almost one year ago. With his dreams of marriage and a family already destroyed, Rigby’s guilt now threatens to sabotage the one thing left to him: his once promising career.

That career would already be in ruins without the intervention of Chief of Police Jim Pearson. Reluctant to lose his best detective, Pearson is forced to resort to ever more devious methods of keeping his young protégé under control as the anniversary approaches. 

Sidelined following a spontaneous act of violence, Rigby finds himself at increasing odds with his mentor but is determined to prove that he is still worthy of Pearson’s trust. A manpower crisis within the department offers a chance of redemption during what should be a straightforward case, but when repercussions from his punch-up and his unorthodox handling of the investigation collide with devastating results, Rigby discovers he has a lot more to lose than he thought.