Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Weekend Getaway at The Hotel Macomber

I recently spent a few days in Cape May, New Jersey. It wasn’t my first visit--I’ve been there four times before--but even though I generally like to explore new places I find myself drawn back again and again. The combination of the small town feel, replete with beautifully maintained and colorful Victorian houses, and a gorgeous sandy shoreline ensures that a break here, however short, makes you feel as if you have really got away from the daily grind.

While, in peak season, the beach may get a little crowded between ten and five as families stake out their spots close to the ocean, at other times it’s easy to enjoy some comparative solitude for either a stroll along the water’s edge or on the promenade which stretches for two miles along Beach Avenue.

There is a multitude of accommodation to choose from, but on our first visit we were fortunate to choose the Hotel Macomber, an ocean-front hotel which offers beautiful rooms, friendly staff and a large front verandah complete with rockers which, in the words of their website, ‘tempt you to linger and relax.’ And, wow, do they do just that. I'm sure it's part of the reason we’ve been back to the same hotel every time. Sometimes I feel I could sit there forever, just gazing out at the ocean, watching the people go by or even writing the next chapter of my latest novel if my characters forget they are supposed to be on vacation too.  

The hotel also has a romantic restaurant, The Union Park, a coffee shop and a gift shop, the latter run by, the delightful Crystal Hardin, who not only owns the hotel, but also acts as an Officiant at many of the weddings hosted by the hotel. If you are looking for somewhere to get married in the area, you should really check this place out.

Despite being incredibly busy, Crystal is so welcoming and enthusiastic, that a tentative inquiry as to whether she might be willing to take some copies of my latest novel ‘Ulterior Motives’ on consignment for her gift shop (the story is set on a beach, albeit in the Philippines) resulted in her creating a wonderful display of both my books and promotional material.  

So far, all of our visits to Cape May have been in the summer, but I’ve always thought it would be a great place to visit off-season. I imagine bracing walks along that promenade, watching waves crash onto a deserted beach, and getting a feel for what the town is like when the crowds have gone. It also seems like the ideal place to get some serious writing done, which may be just the excuse I need to go back in late fall.

Crystal, if you are reading this, many, many thanks. See you soon!   

For more information on Hotel Macomber to to: 
Telephone 609 465 1221

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