Motive for Revenge:

"This is an engaging story, well written with a strong voice. While most would never do what the main character did, you could imagine yourself there as he faces the consequences. The scenes were vivid, the characters unique, the situation very unusual. A great book to read if you enjoy a noir." - Elizabeth Zguta

"From the moment I received my review copy from the author, this book hooked me and wouldn't let go. I had read Ulterior Motives and loved it so I was thrilled when Motive for Revenge was finally published. This is a perfect example of the Shakespearean quote: "Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive." As one travels with Jake on his suspenseful journey of lies and deceit, I can picture him spinning, spinning himself into a spider's web, thinking he can get out eventually, but missing the reality that his lies have actually imprisoned him again. This is a page-turning must read especially for lovers of psychological suspense." - Kindle Customer

 The Anniversary:

“Mel Parish’s novel The Anniversary is an emotional roller coaster ride with a mysterious crime as the backdrop. Detective Rigby, a character from her prequel, Silent Lies, gets center stage here, as a grieving, angry, bitter cop whose job is hanging by a thread of his own weaving. His colleagues call him a loose-cannon and his boss treats him sometimes like a child and other times like a pariah. As often as he tries to extricate himself from his self-imposed web, Rigby continually gets wound tighter and tighter, often due to unwanted and unexpected actions from the other characters. The character of Rigby is so well developed that I unwittingly felt that I had got into Rigby’s skin, fully experiencing the pain and frustration that he felt, while hoping that he would catch a break by the book’s end. Needless to say, this book was a gripping read with an unexpected finish.” – Carol Costa, author/editor

 Ulterior Motives:

"A methodical thriller bristling with interpersonal intrigue and compelling characters."

- Kirkus Reviews
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"Parish does an excellent job of developing the character of Cornish and the kidnappers, and slowly but surely reveals the motives of each party involved. ..... Ulterior Motives makes for an exciting, quick read, and I highly recommend Parish's newest book." - Hunter Goodman 

"Parish draws the reader in with a compelling, challenging plot. What keeps the pages turning, however, is Parish's careful development of character.Told from the perspective of the kidnappee, Jake, the reader is taken through the ups and downs of an emotional roller coaster as Jake's worst nightmare becomes increasingly darker." - John Walters

A few quotes from readers of Silent Lies:

"Surprises throughout that keep the story going until a very clever ending... kept me on the edge of my seat!"           Patricia Moylan Davis

"Silent Lies is a fast paced, engaging work with a suspense filled ending that keeps the reader guessing."     John White

"Mel Parish does an excellent job of drawing the reader into Cal Miller's "world gone crazy" and compelling them to keep turning the pages....."   Sheila Behan

"You are hooked into the story from the very first page and taken along on a journey of twists and turns while never certain what the outcome is going to be."     Nick Davison

Email review received following a book event:

"I have read your book…an excellent read! I am an avid reader of  Paterson,Sandford, Illies, Flynn, Silva, etc  and yours is as compelling as any consumed. Your story telling qualities are exceptional, the tale realistic [although I think Miller a weakling], and your ability to surprise the reader special. Congratulations on a fine presentation. I look forward to your next book ." - David B. Metz, President/CEO, Media Marketing Associates.

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